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OUR MODERN MOBILE LIFESTYLES require software that makes your ever-present handheld or smartphone a more effective tool. We offer a varied range of mobile software products to suit your needs in these popular areas:

Webster's New World Mobile Dictionaries
Websters New World Mobile Dictionary for Palm OS
Websters New World Mobile Dictionary for Pocket PC
   Study Bibles
PalmStudy for Palm OS
PocketLight for Pocket PC
smartBIBLE for Treo Smartphone
coBIBLE for Windows Smartphone

Also see our organization tools such as Time Logger (available for Windows Smartphone and Pocket PC) or Media Map (available for Windows Smartphone, Pocket PC, and UIQ).

Or, blend fun and education in your life with our Pocket PC Bible Wordsearch and Bible Crossword games. Turn your wait times into fun times while building your Scriptural knowledge.

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Designed for Mobile Devices

We create software with you in mind. How you live. Where you use your device. We understand. AcroDesign emphasizes simplicity and ease of use, balanced with powerful features to get the job done. You'll find applications that work as they should work — with multiple device support, full use of new device features, clean understandable user interfaces, fast searches, and small memory requirements.

Our goal is to help you take advantage of the unique benefits offered by smartphones so that you can work smarter, faster, and with greater impact.