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Your dictionary just got lighter!

Now you can carry a complete college dictionary with over 163,000 entries in the palm of your hand. Not just any dictionary, this is a high-quality dictionary based on the Webster's New World College Dictionary, the official dictionary of the Associated Press.

Through more than five decades of research, Webster's New World lexicographers have created a uniquely modern dictionary that serves as your trusted guide to contemporary usage. The rich history of our language is also traced through Americanisms and the most detailed etymologies of any American English dictionary. The result is a dictionary that helps you understand and use the language as no other dictionary can.

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Dictionary Features
  • Large dictionary with over 163,000 entries
  • Over 12,000 Americanisms
  • Thousands of geographical and biographical entries
  • Updated technical and scientific terms
  • Word pronunciations (textual)
  • Includes word usage notes, examples, synonyms
  • Fast lookup using the first few letters of a word
  • History list to quickly see recently viewed definitions
  • Lookup words from within another word's definition
  • Ultra-small database size
  • Wildcard and keywoard search

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